Lynn Givens

Tom and Lynn GivensLynn started out as what we call a “motivated student.”  Earlier in her life she was stalked and threatened by a mentally ill person who made a number of credible death threats against Lynn and others, including her son. She began taking self-defense shooting courses and was immediately hooked. Within seven months she became a Tennessee State Certified Instructor, going on to attend several hundred hours of training over the next few years.

Because of her experiences with a stalker, Lynn has worked extensively with women facing similar problems, and she was recognized for this work with a plaque from the local Attorney General’s office. Lynn was featured on the cover of Concealed Carry magazine and written about in At Home Tennessee magazine.

Lynn assists with RFTS advanced classes conducted all over the United States. She has trained extensively, studying with some of the most highly respected and renowned experts in the country.  Below is a partial list of her certifications, the issuing agencies and facilities, and her distinguished trainers (and colleagues):

NRA Instructor Instructor Certification TN State Instructor Certification
Rangemaster Instructor Certification MS State Instructor Certification
Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Course ASP Baton Certification
Fox Labs OC Instructor Certification Glock Armorer Certification
Surefire Academy Gunsite Academy
Skip Gochenour Rob Pincus
Jim Higginbotham John Farnam
Michael DeBethencourt Southnarc
Wayne Dobbs Will Andrews
William Aprill Massad Ayoob

Lynn regularly attends such events as the Tactical Conference, Eastern Tactical Conference and the National Tactical Invitational (NTI).