Protective Pistolcraft Instructor Development Course

This is a rare opportunity for a deep dive, immersion level course for trainers or practitioners of modern self-defense shooting with handguns.  Three highly respected instructors will provide in depth training in both the classroom and the firing range throughout five full days of training. The facility is modern and comfortable, with an excellent classroom and range on site. Hotels are ten minutes away.

Topics covered include:

  •   Modern adult learning/teaching modalities, maximizing learning
  •   Effective coaching techniques
  •   Modern, effective shooting and gunhandling techniques, designed to work under stress
  •   Low light technology and shooting techniques, with and without a  flashlight, both in the classroom and live-fire on the range
  •   Live-fire drills designed to help teach specific skills and improve  shooting performance
  •   Combative psychology, how the brain works under stress, and how to  maximize your performance under duress
  •   Training and supervising Assistant Instructors for maximum student  benefit
  •   Marketing for firearms instructors, and much more.

This is a very information-dense course, with modern multimedia presentations in the classroom and large, detailed student manuals.

Your instructors are:

  • Tom Givens- author, trainer, competitive shooter, expert witness, with over 40 years of experience teaching effective self defense with handguns; certified LE firearms instructor, NRA, FBI, etc.
  • John Hearne– a Federal law enforcement officer, Rangemaster staff member since 2001, holder of a Master’s degree in research, has trained at FLETC, Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, and numerous traveling schools. Instructor certified by FBI, FLETC, Rangemaster, NRA, etc.
  • Tiffany Johnson, J.D.– Rangemaster staff member since 2001, attorney, well known 2A advocate, she has spoken at the UN, the European gun rights conference, and many other venues, and has trained with a wide variety of schools/instructors. NRA Training Counselor , USCCA Training Counselor, Massad Ayoob Deadly Force Instructor, and Rangemaster Master Instructor.

You will need a sidearm, concealed carry holster and magazine pouches, and the usual range gear. All training is conducted from concealment, or a full police duty rig. You will need a high output flashlight, and a cooler with drinks, snacks and lunch. You will need about 1,200 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Advance registration is required. There are no prerequisites for this course. Refunds are available until 30 days before class, there will be no refunds less than 30 days prior to class. If you have questions, please direct them to .

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