Defensive Revolver

Some people simply prefer a wheelgun. For others the revolver may be mandated by job requirements. If you train others, you need to know how to run a revolver, so you can teach the skills to others. For all these reasons, we offer a one day course in the proper use of the double-action revolver, an art that is rapidly being lost.

This is not a class for the raw beginner. Students should have some prior formal handgun training, so that we can concentrate on the tactical and technical differences in the manual of arms of the revolver. We will cover:

  • Types and characteristics of the common revolvers
  • Nomenclature and operation
  • Loading/Unloading/Reloading Techniques
  • Efficient shooting techniques
  • Accessories, including loading devices like speedloaders, speed strips, etc
  • Specialized holsters (we will have multiple examples to examine)

Students will need about 250-300 rounds of practice type ammunition and a belt holster. Ideally, the student will bring a service revolver, such as a 3-inch or 4-inch barrel, medium-frame revolver and a compact, 2-inch barrel concealment revolver. We will have some spares on hand, as well.

As in many pursuits, there are some things that you need to know and that will make the use of your revolver much easier and more efficient/effective. That is the purpose of this course. To find a class near your or to register, please see our Eventbrite page.