Advanced Instructor Course

The Advanced Instructor Course picks up where the Firearms Instructor Development Course ends. Our Three-Day Firearms Instructor Development and Certification Course packed an incredible amount of information into three full days of training. Since most of our students are there on their own dime and their own time, we hold that course on Friday through Sunday to minimize disruption of their lives. The Advanced Firearms Instructor course picks up where day three of the basic instructor course ends. If we had five full days the advanced instructor course would be days four and five of the process. By making this a separate course the students can practice the skills learned, absorb the material covered in the basic instructor course and be ready to learn a whole new set of skills.

In the instructor course we have already covered the academic side of marksmanship and adult teaching methodology and given the students a thorough grounding in pistol marksmanship. In the advanced class this allows us to push students to even higher skill levels on the range. In the classroom we will cover subjects including different scoring methods; target design; course of fire design; instructor liability and how to limit it; and some of the psychological issues involved in teaching people how to fight for their lives.

The advanced course is conducted from 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Students will need about 900 rounds of ammunition. Students receive a comprehensive training manual. Tuition is typically $495. Enrollment is strictly limited to those who have successfully graduated from our basic instructor course. Please see our Eventbrite page for details.