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We have several training and educational DVDs for sale. Listed below are some of the options available now. Please check back often as we will add new items periodically. If you have any questions about ordering DVDs, please contact us.

Concealed Carry for Self Defense (2 hours and 15 minutes)

This is a comprehensive overview of concealed carry including firearm safety; gun selection; holster design; ammunition; loading, unloading and reloading; presentation from the holster both from open carry and from concealment; and shooting technique. $25

Defensive Shotgun (2 hours)

This is a broad overview of the use of the shotgun for defense of home or business. Covers the history of the shotgun; action types; nomenclature and operation; weapon selection, modifications and accessories; ammunition; loading, unloading, and reloading; and proper gun handling and shooting technique.  $25.00

Cooper’s Color Codes (1 hour and 10 minutes)

This lecture covers the theoretical aspects of Jeff Cooper’s Color Codes with a detailed explanation of how the system works and how it allows one to ramp up mentally to deal with a threat. The student is then presented with a couple of real-life scenarios and guided through the use of the color code to safely navigate these situations.   $20.00

Introduction to Handguns for Self Defense (30 minutes)

This is a brief  overview of the topic of self-defense with a handgun. We begin by examining the need for personal self-defense skills then go on to briefly cover  handgun safety, pistol selection, holster selection and other topics. Recommended as a way to introduce new shooters or those just starting to consider the topic of self-defense.    $15.00

Please add $5.00 shipping and handling. If multiple DVDs are ordered, the shipping cost is still only $5.00.  To order, mail a check or money order along with your name and address and the titles you wish to receive to:

Rangemaster Firearms Training Services
1808 James L. Redman Parkway, #226
Plant City, Florida, 33563

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