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Practical Tactical  |  Tactical Conference 2012  |   Effective Dry Practice
Wheel Gun Revival  |  Negative Targets  |  Tactical Conference Lessons
Shooting for Standards  |  Tactical Conference 2009  |  Polite Society and the Psychologist
An Armed Society is a Polite Society  |  Tactical Conference 2008  |  Warrior Talk
Modern Day Sheepdogs  |  Combative Skills  |  Eat or Be Eaten  |  Lynn Givens Feature

SWAT Magazine Concealed Carry Magazine
“Practical Tactical”
by D.K. Pridgen
SWAT, July 2012
“Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2012”
by Kathy Jackson
Concealed Carry, April 2012
(View Online)
Concealed Carry Magazine SWAT Magazine
“Effective Dry Practice”
by Tom Givens
Concealed Carry, May/June 2012
(Full Issue)
“Wheel Gun Revival”
by Tim Mulverhill
SWAT, February 2010
SWAT Magazine Gun World Magazine
“Negative Targets = Positive Results”
by Steve Moses
SWAT, August 2010
“Lessons from the Tactical Conference”
by Dr. Martin D. Topper
Gun World, August 2010
Handguns Magazine Gun World Magazine
“Shooting for Standards”
by Dave Spaulding
Handguns, December 2009
“2009 Tactical Conference”
by D.K. Pridgen
Gun World, October 2009
Concealed Carry Magazine Gun World Magazine
“The Polite Society and the Psychologist”
by Glen Meyer, PhD
Concealed Carry, August 2009
(Full Issue)
“An Armed Society is a Polite Society”
by D.K. Pridgen
Gun World, August 2006
Gun World Magazine Gun World Magazine
“Tenth Annual Tactical Conference (2008)”
by D.K. Pridgen
Gun World, August 2008
“Warrior Talk”
by Oleg Volk
Concealed Carry, April 2005
(Full Issue)
Counterterrorism Magazine SWAT Magazine
“Raising Modern Day Sheepdogs –
Rangemaster Style”
by Steve Moses
Counterterrorism, February 2004
“Rangemaster Combative Skills Course”
by Tiger McKee
SWAT, January 2003
SWAT Magazine Concealed Carry Magazine
“Eat or Be Eaten”
by Mark Twight
SWAT, March 2000
Cover Model: Lynn Givens
Concealed Carry, July 2011
(Full Issue)

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