Establishing a Dominance Paradigm

This is our special once-per-year course combining the special talents of Tom Givens, Craig Douglas (“Southnarc”), and William Aprill. Aprill provides classroom training on criminal psychology, stress management, and tactical decision making. Douglas will lead realistic Simunitions decision-making scenarios involving trained role players and a fabulous mock-up training area. Givens will focus on maximizing handgun skills. All three trainers’ work blends into a seamless system.

Each of the instructors will conduct training in their area of expertise, and the entire program flows together, taking the academic information presented, then putting it into practical application.

This is not a course for beginners. You should have prior formal handgun training, and prior training such as MUC or ECQC with Craig would be highly desirable, although not required. See our media gallery for some highlights from the inaugural EDP class in 2015.  If in doubt about whether this class is a good fit for you, contact Tom Givens at

This event is only held once a year, in January. Class size is limited so we can give each student individual attention. The class usually fills far in advance, so register early. Please see our Eventbrite page to learn more or to sign up.