History of the Conference


The Tactical Conference and Polite Society Match originally began as a major mid-winter indoor pistol match. It started as a major IDPA event in 1998, but within a couple of years the format was changed to use more realistic, mannequin-type targets and actual carry gear.

It soon became obvious that the attendees were more self-defense oriented than purely competitive shooting oriented. Also, a number of self defense trainers were in attendance. It occurred to us that if we could have those trainers present blocks of instruction during the match, the attendees who were not busy shooting could be learning useful skills. At the same time, the trainers could showcase their teaching skills to an interested group of potential students. The Tactical Conference was born!

The Conference started out at Tom’s former pistol range in Memphis. The event has moved a few times since then, first to the Memphis Police Academy and then to the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK. In 2012, we returned to our roots, and the Tactical Conference has been held in Memphis ever since.  The tradition will continue in 2017, but our new location is the Direct Action Resource Center in Little Rock, AR.  Click here for details on the 2017 Conference!


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